Headaches and Massage Therapy

Saturday, October 27th, 2018

By: Luis Crudo
Qubecore Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)

Now more than ever, headaches are impacting an increasing number of adults, which may affect their quality of life, productivity, and can cause substantial personal suffering.  Family life, work life, and daily interactions with people can seem arduous when faced with a painful and disabling headache.

How are headaches categorized?

Headaches are generally divided into two categories: Primary and Secondary.  Primary headaches are, generally, those that have no known cause or etiology and make up around 90% of all headaches.  A secondary headache is one which is generally the result of some other underlying medical condition and are usually less than 10% of all reported headaches.

What are the most common type of headaches?
• Tension
• Migraine
• Cervicogenic (Originating from the neck)
• Cluster

Of the four main primary headaches, Tension headaches and migraine headaches are the most commonly experienced and encountered by health care professionals.  Furthermore, tension headaches account for more than 75% of all primary headaches reported and can range from infrequent to chronic.

What causes headaches?

There is evidence to suggest that tension headaches are typically caused by sustained isometric contraction of the muscles of the head and neck, leading to ischemia and, eventually, trigger point development which produces headache symptoms. Stress, repeated contractions of muscles of the shoulders when working out, sitting or standing for prolonged periods at a desk or computer, and sustained contraction of postural muscles collectively contribute to increased strain on the upper back, neck and head muscles.  This creates an environment that is conducive to headaches.

How does massage therapy help with headaches?

If hyper toned or tight muscles are a precursor to tension headaches, then massage therapy lends itself well to resolving these issues.  Massage therapy targets those muscles involved and through the use of various techniques has been proven to help diminish frequency and duration of tension headaches.  Occasionally, it may take a few treatments to resolve the headache symptoms, in which case, booking a few treatments closely together can help resolve the issues in a timely fashion.

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