Massage Therapy and Its Benefits for Sports Injuries

Thursday, August 30th, 2018

By: Salmin Rassuli.
Qubecore Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)

Is massage therapy important for body maintenance?

Massage offers a wide range of benefits, and different types of massage can target specific health issues. Massage treatments can help those who have suffered sports injuries and, therefore, athletes who incorporate massage into their routines often improve their conditioning and more importantly, prevent future injuries.

When should athletes get a therapeutic sports massage following an injury?

If an injury does occur, the sooner the therapeutic sports massage is received, the better the athlete can benefit. The therapeutic effects are maximized and the athlete can return to his/her sport sooner. By focusing on the injured areas while manipulating specific muscles, ligaments, and tendons, massage can help promote healing and increase mobility.

What injuries do sports massage therapists treat?

Sports massage therapist are able to treat a variety of injuries, including ankle sprains, tennis elbow, neck and back pain, hamstring tears, strained muscles, groin injuries, and many others. In addition to pain reduction, which is very important for athletes, joint flexibility, improved range of motion, and faster recovery times are enhanced with sports massage.

Over-training may cause muscles to become rigid and negatively affect mobility. Massage therapists can treat tense muscles to make them more relaxed while improving elasticity. Elasticity supports joint flexibility and increases blood flow in the body.

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